In these times, where Corona still dominates the daily news, a moment of rest, reflection, a moment to escape from daily reality, is something we all need. So Yoga, why not? Admit it, we've all wanted to try it and many have already mastered it.
Now that Bali is not in it for that extra experience, I would like to suggest the following. With the waves in the background in the open air, you can also experience Yoga this summer as if you were in Bali ... with a little extra imagination you imagine yourself in an exotic destination, completely Corona-free at 1.5m apart of course; -) So if the weather permits, you can follow Yoga lessons in de Haan from next Wednesday evening, appointment at 'Amante' the beach bar with Katleen from 6.30 pm for an hour of relaxation for young and old. Until then, Namaste!